1. Please fill the REPLY PAID satchel with your slides/negatives/photos.
    2. Fill out the Sender details on the front of the Priority satchel and sign the declaration.
    3. Follow the packing instructions on the page enclosed.
    4. Call 13 23 45 (StarTrack) to organise your satchel to be picked up.
    5. Our team will contact you to confirm that we have received your photos.

* FOR RESTORATION REQUESTS: please ensure these are clearly marked with a Post-it note or in a separate envelope.
(Restoration quotes will be given once photos are assessed)

Click here to DOWNLOAD:

Prepearing your Photo Scanning Satchel.pdf

What to include in your satchel.pdf

If you have any questions please call 03 9088 6233
Monday-Friday, 9am - 11pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Slides MUST BE 5x5cm
and no thicker than
Slides MUST NOT be
in display sheets
Slides should be
packed in a slide box
or tied in a bundle
Slides MUST BE
packed in groups of
50 or less
Slides MUST BE facing
the same direction
We only accept 2 types of negatives
Negatives MUST NOT exceed
the following dimensions
Negatives MUST NOT
be on a roll
Negatives MUST NOT
be loose
Negatives MUST BE
in a display sheet/plastic
in an envelope
Photos MUST NOT be
longer than 22cm on
any side
Photos MUST NOT be
shorter than 5cm on
any side
be in albums
Photos MUST BE
tied in bundles
Photos MUST BE
organised by size.
PLEASE NOTE: We take no liability for photos/slides/negatives that are not packed properly or damaged.
To avoid damages, please ensure you protect your slides/negatives/photos by using bubble wrap or other appropriate padding. Please ensure you do not over-pack your satchel by using slide carousel trays. If your satchel seems over-packed, please contact us immediately so we can assist you.